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(단종) 81180B Arbitrary Waveform Generator

  • 10 MSa/s – 4.6 GSa/s, 12 bit Arbitrary Waveform and Function Generator
  • 2 GHz IQ modulation bandwidth
  • 2 channels (coupled and phase coherent / uncoupled)
  • 8-bit external sequence / segment control
  • Up to 64 MSa memory

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제품 주파수 범위 주요 속성 신호 유형 출력 수 진폭 데이터
81180B 600 MHz bandwidth, 1.5 GHz RF output; 2 GHz IQ modulation bandwidth; 10 MSa/s to 4.2 GSa/s sample clock control Arbitrary Waveform Generator and Function Generator
3 software selectable Amplifier
Advanced sequencing
Arbitrary, sine, triangle, square, ramp, Gaussian, Exponential, DC, noise, pulse, AM, FM, sweep 1 or 2, differential, 2 2-channel versions can be combined to a 4-channel instrument via synchronization cable 2 Vpp into 50 Ω N/A

| 옵션 & 액세서리

Description Model number
Dual-channel instrument with 16,000,000 waveform point 81180B-216
Dual-channel instrument with 64,000,000 waveform points 81180B-264
Reconstruction filter 81180A-F4G
Rack mounting kit assembly 81180A-1CN
Synchronization cable to synchronize two dual-channel 81180Bs to form a four-channel 4.6-GSa/s arbitrary waveform generator system 81180A-SYN

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