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53130 시리즈 범용 주파수 카운터/타이머

  • 225MHz 입력 채널 2개 및 제3채널 옵션(최대 12.4GHz) (Model : 53131A, 53132A)
  • 225MHz 입력 채널 1개 및 제2채널 옵션(최대 12.4GHz) (Model : 53181A)
  • GPIB 표준

| 제품 사양

Frequency range (53131A, 53132A, 53181A)

Channel 1 and 2 (53131A, 53132A)
Channel 1 (53181A)

Range              0.1 Hz to 225 MHz

Channel 3 (53131A, 53132A)
Channel 2 (53181A)

Option 015      100 MHz to 1.5 GHz (53181 A only)
Option 030      100 MHz to 3 GHz
Option 050      200 MHz to 5 GHz
Option 124      200 MHz to 12.4 GHz
(Period 2 or 3 selectable via GPIB only)

| 옵션 & 액세서리

Description Model number

Medium-stability timebase

Opt. 001

High-stability timebase

Opt. 010

Ultra-high stability timebase (53132A only)

Opt. 012

1.5 GHz RF input Ch 2 for 53181A only

Opt. 015

3 GHz RF input Ch 3 (Ch 2 on 53181A)

Opt. 030

5 GHz RF input with type N connector Ch 3 (Ch 2 on 53181A)

Opt. 050

12.4 GHz RF input with type N connector Ch 3 (Ch 2 on 53181A)

Opt. 124

Rear-panel connectors

Opt. 060

Hard carrying case


Accessory pouch


Rack mount kit; Use for mounting one 2U instrument by itself, without another instrument laterally next to it. Includes one rack flange and one combination rack flange-filler panel.


2U dual flange kit; Use for mounting two 2U instruments side-by-side. Includes two standard rack flanges. Note: Mounting two instruments side-by-side will require the 34194A Dual-lock link kit and a shelf for the instruments to sit on. 34194A Dual-lock link kit; for side-by-side combinations of instruments, and includes links for instruments of different depths.


Dual lock link kit: recommended for side-by-side combinations and includes links for instruments of different depths. This kit can be used with the 34191A 2U dual flange kit to mount two half-width, 2U height instruments side-by-side.


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