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(단종) PSA 시리즈 고성능 스펙트럼 분석기

  • 최대 50GHz의 300MHz 대역폭 벡터 신호 측정
  • 44GHz 및 50GHz 모델에서 업계 최초의 80/40MHz 대역폭 디지타이저
  • 40 또는 80 MHz 분석 대역폭에서 -78 dB(공칭) 3차 상호 변조
  • 16가지 옵션과 사용이 간편한 내장 측정 기능 및 하드웨어 옵션을 이용하여 유연한 플랫폼 구성

| 제품 사양

Model Frequency Range
E4443A 3 Hz to 6.7 GHz
E4445A 3 Hz to 13.2 GHz
E4440A 3 Hz to 26.5 GHz
E4447A 3 Hz to 42.98 GHz
E4446A 3 Hz to 44 GHz
E4448A 3 Hz to 50 GHz

| 옵션 & 액세서리

Measurement Personalities
E444xA-226 Phase noise  
E444xA-219 Noise figure Requires Option IDS or 110
to meet specifications
E444xA-241 Flexible digital modulation analysis  
E444xA-BAF W-CDMA Requires B7J
E444xA-210 HSDPA/HSUPA (for W-CDMA) Requires B7J and BAF
E444xA-202 GSM w/ EDGE Requires B7J
E444xA-B78 cdma2000 Requires B7J
E444xA-214 1xEV-DV Requires B7J and B78
E444xA-204 1xEV-DO Requires B7J
E444xA-BAC cdmaOne Requires B7J
E444xA-BAE NADC, PCD Requires B7J
E444xA-217 WLAN Requires 122 or 140
E444xA-211 TD-SCDMA power measurement  
E444xA-212 TD-SCDMA modulation  
E444xA-213 HSPA for TD-SCDMA Requires Option 212
E444xA-215 External source control  
E444xA-266 Programming code compatibility suite  
E444xA-233 Built-in measuring receiver personality  
E444xA-23A AM/FM/PM triggering Requires Option 233
E444xA-23B CCITT filter Requires Option 233
E444xA-239 N9039A RF preselector control  
E444xA-1DS RF internal preamplifier
(100 kHz to 3 GHz)
Excludes 110
E444xA-110 RF/μW internal preamplifier (10 MHz
to upper frequency limit of the PSA)
Excludes 1DS
E444xA-B7J Digital demodulation hardware  
E444xA-122 80 MHz bandwidth digitizer E4440A/43A/45A/46A/48A,
excludes 140, 107, H70
E444xA-140 40 MHz bandwidth digitizer E4440A/43A/45A/46A/48A,
excludes 122, 107, H70
E444xA-123 Switchable MW preselector bypass Excludes AYZ (For E4446A/48A,
Option HY3 allows coexistance of 123 and AYZ)
E444xA-124 Y-axis video output  
E444xA-AYZ External mixing E4440A/47A/46A/48A only, excludes 123 (For E4446A/48A, Option HY3 allows coexistance of 123 and AYZ)
E444xA-107 Audio input 100 kΩ Requires 233 to operate; excludes 122, 140
E444xA-111 USB device side I/O interface Shipped standard in all PSA
E444xA-115 512 MB user memory instruments with serial number prefix ≥ MY4615 unless 117 license is activated
E444xA-117 Secure memory erase Excludes 115
E444xA-BAB Replaces type-N input connector
with APC 3.5 connector
E444xA-H70 70 MHz IF output Excludes 122, 140. Not available for E4447A
E444xA-HYX 21.4 MHz IF output Available for all PSA models
E444xA-HY3 Switched LO for Options AYZ and 123 For E4446A/48A only
PC Software
E444xA-230 BenchLink Web Remote Control
E444xA-235 Wide BW digitizer external
calibration wizard
Requires 122 or 140 E4443A/45A/40A/46A/48A
E444xA-1CM Rack mount kit  
E444xA-1CN Front handle kit  
E444xA-1CP Rack mount with handles  
E444xA-1CR Rack slide kit  
E444xA-015 6 GHz return loss measurement accessory kit  
E444xA-045 Millimeter wave accessory kit  
E444xA-0B1 Extra manual set including CD ROM  

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