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ICV (I-V, C-V Characterization) Automation Software

Metrics Technology presents its latest automation software to perform I-V and C-V measurements and
analysis for design verification, process troubleshooting, reliability engineering, and failure analysis.


| Integrated Development Environment - Licensing (** Optional)

The IDE (Integrated Development Environment) software license requires the purchase of new ICV license
or can be added to an existing current ICV version.

This option provides an integrated VBScript test development environment including a comprehensive editor,
debugger and execution engine. Several libraries and functional APIs are included providing access to
the ICV communications server, instrument drivers, pulse generators, oscilloscope drivers as well as
thermal and prober driver templates. Math function libraries are also included for performing parameter
extraction and decision branching. Use the IDE to modify the included WLR, NVM, and parametric algorithms
or develop your own.
IDE Product Data Sheet IDE (annual renewal)
License Period 1 year
Support Type Phone/Email
Test Algorithms
VBScript source code provided
ICS Examples
NVM Test Algorithms
WLR Test Algorithms
Parametric Algorithms
Upgrades All new features as they are added

| Test Algorithms

The ICV software comes with an assortment of sample characterization measurements for your reference.
The provided parameter extractions are fully documented and editable by the end user. The user can
create additional measurements and analysis routines in order to extend the capabilities of the system
using the included test editor and numerical equation editor.

| ICS-based Measurements and Analysis

These measurement examples come with either license type.

* Not available on all system configurations
IV Vg-Id (linear), Vg-Id (sat), Drain Family, Gate Family, Gate Leakage, Back Bias Family, Ids(on), Id(sat), Idss, BVdss, and Isub.
CV Cox, Cmin, Tox, Vfb, Vth, Wmax, Nsub, Ldebye, Bulk potential, Nss, Qss, MS work function, Dit Profiling*, Band Bending Profile*

| VBScript-based Measurements and Analysis

These measurement examples come with the Integrated Development Environment license.
NVM 8110/81110/41501B/C PGU control to perform pulsing tests of NVM materials.
WLR HCI, NBTI, Charge-Pumping, VRAMP, JRAMP, and TDDB testing of devices.
Parametric IV and CV testing of devices.

| System Software

Metrics ICV system software is designed to extend the capabilities of existing test and
measurement development environments used to automate semiconductor characterization measurements
on wafer level or packaged devices. The software provides an intuitive platform for developing, editing,
and executing complex test plans on an automated lab test system.

Metrics ICV supports several lab system configurations consisting of:
· Semiconductor parameter analyzers
· CV/LCRZ meters
· Switch matrices
· Wafer probers with thermal chucks
· Power supplies, pulse generators, etc.
(with supported development environments)

| Wizard Operator Shell

ICV's test wizards provide step-by-step instructions to the operator when entering runtime information,
selecting wafer navigation plans, selecting test plans, and starting a test.
Test wizards are conveniently organized and launched from toolbars. For example, to use the wafer test
wizard, the user selects the "Semi-Auto Test" button from the "Wafer Test" toolbar. The wizard guides the
user in entering all necessary parameters, instructs the operator to verify the alignment of the wafer,
and then displays a runtime control and status window. The operator then clicks the "start" button to
execute the selected test plan across the wafer.

| Graphical Algorithm Generation

Tests can be generated and edited using the Metrics ICS graphical workspace which allows rapid test
development with no programming required.
Tests can also be generated in the integrated VBScript environment. Metrics Technology provides a library of
functions for the control of IV instruments. In addition, access to sending instrument-specific commands
strings is supported with the GPIB management provided in ICV. You are allowed the specific level of
control you need.

| Scripting Tools

The ICV scripting tools provide access to a library of built-in software components supporting all
the functions necessary to create a variety of test plans. The script editor provides a "wizard-based"
interface for building a test script so the user does not have to learn any complicated command syntax
or spend time debugging mistyped commands. The following components are included:

· Automated sub-die prober movement
· Executing a switch connection
· Executing a test algorithm
· Pass/Fail determination and processing using VBScript
· Conditional branching IF, ELSE using VBScript
· Looping FOR, WHILE using VBScript
· Creating user variables using VBScript
· Prompting the user using VBScript
· Displaying messages using VBScript
· Commenting test scripts

| Auto-Analysis and Reporting

ICV has data analysis tools included for extracting parametric quantities from the test
data and generating several standard reports and graphs including:

· Color wafer maps
· Histograms
· Parameter statistics
· Parametric values vs. die location
· Tables of I-V or C-V curve data

These tools can be used to create reports and wafer maps at run-time as well as post-test.
The tools can also be installed on a second PC to allow the analysis of data without interfering
with the data collection.

| Wafer Probe Navigation

ICV's probe navigation control provides support for most popular semi-automatic and several automatic
probe stations. The user can define probe plans including sub-die movement for performing automated
test of multiple modules or individual devices across a wafer. In addition version 3.8.0 offers support
for Vision correction capabilities of the Cascade Nucleus and Suss MicroTec ProberBench software
packages. Supported Stations

| Switch Matrix Control

ICV's NEW switch matrix control allows the selection of cross point connections between test instruments
and device pins. It automates the execution of multiple connections when using a probe card to make
contact to multiple devices on a wafer. Drivers are available for many popular switch matrices supporting
multiple switch mainframes and a variety of switch matrix and multiplexer cards. Supported Matrices

| User Customization

Built-in measurements are only the beginning of what the software offers. It also comes with a graphical development environment for rapid test development. Test sequencing and execution is provided by a user-friendly scripting language and test script editor, which allows flexible configuration of your test plans including decision branch control as well as pass/fail limits and other looping mechanisms.

| Flexibility

The new ICV software is flexible enough to allow the user to define interfaces to meet user-specific requirements. The ICV software can be configured not only for wafer level testing but also package level test strategies.

| Technical Support

Technical Support is provided for 90 days after the purchase date unless an Annual License is purchased. The method of Technical Support is based upon the license type that you purchase.

· Internet or phone based support.
· Downloadable Updates.
· Downloadable Upgrades.

| Software Customization (Optional) **

· Customization of operator interfaces to Metrics ICV software.
· Development of instrument, switch, probe, thermal chucks, and other custom instrument drivers.
· Creation of custom measurement algorithms used in test scripts, including measurement setups, parameter extractions, and custom analysis.

| Training (Optional)**

Training is available from Metrics Technology. This service is optional and requires the purchase of a training course from Metrics Technology.

· Training at the customer site.

** Provided by quotation (NRE charges apply)

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