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Embedded DisplayPort 40 Position
(4 DP Lanes and AUX) Test Adapter

The eDP-TPA40L-PC DisplayPort test adapter or test fixture kit facilitates Source and Sink compliance testing for 40 Position Embedded DisplayPort devices with 4 DP lanes.

| Key Electrical

• 1.35 Gb/s, 2.7 Gb/s, and 5.4 Gb/s data rates supported
•Insertion loss < -3 dB @ 6.5 GHz mated plug and receptacle fixtures
•Return loss < -20dB @ 4.25 GHz mated plug and receptacle fixtures
•Differential Impedance 100 +/- 5 ohms
•Single Ended Impedance 50 +/- 2.5 ohms

| Key Mechanical

• High performance .086" Flexible SMA coaxial cables
•All critical components are enclosed to facilitate robustness
•Coax cables are enclosed in a rotation compliant strain relief
•Coax cables are axially retained in the fixture enclosure

| Calibration Cables

• Use to compensate for test fixture losses and phase delay
•1X & 2X SMA to SMA cables facilitate using SMA Coax Standards
•2X THRU insertion loss < -3.0 dB @ 18.7 GHz
•2X THRU return loss < -20dB @ 13.2 GHz