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N5300 시리즈 Chassis

  • Keysight provides cost effective multi-port test system for verifying the ultimate performance of multi-services networks and devices – from multi-channel simulation and analysis to wire-speed packet generation.

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주요 특징 및 사양

- Hot-swappable test cards
- Multi-user, remotely accessible
- Support for SONET/SDH, POS, ATM, Ethernet, FR and Fibre Channel interfaces
- Capable of daisy-chaining up to 60 chassis, time synchronized to 10 ns
- Hundreds of test ports available in one system
- Completely backward compatible with existing RouterTester 900, OmniBER XM and SAN Tester hardware and software

Users can easily daisy chain up to three racks of Chassis to create the industry's highest density of test ports. A smaller, lightweight chassis is also available for portable or desktop testing. Chassis models include:
 - Portable 2-Slot Chassis (N5302A)
 - Portable 4-Slot Chassis (N5304A)

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