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매뉴얼 타입의 분석용 프로브 스테이션: 200 mm 와 300 mm 웨이퍼용

| 주요기능

• Pegasus™ M200FA supports full and partial wafers to 200 mm
• Pegasus™ M300FA supports full and partial wafers to 300 mm
• Robust, highly stable platform for reliable and repeatable sub-micron probing
• Temperature probing from -60°C to +400°C
• Front facing controls with fine and coarse adjustment
• Large area platen with height adjustment and gross lift
• Fine lift chuck mechanism

| 응용분야

• Ideal for high power and ultra fast I.V./C.V. probing
• Failure analysis
• Design verification
• Thermal characterization
• Parametric testing (DC to low level)

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