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PEGASUS™ S200 & S300
세미오토매틱 타입의 양산용 프로브 스테이션: 200 mm 와 300 mm 웨이퍼용

| 주요기능

• Fast probing up to 100 mm/sec
• TTL, Ethernet (10BaseT), RS232 and IEEE 488 optional
• Easy integration of cameras and other external test equipment
• Remote and integral keyboard for easy control
• Active wafer profiling using Pegasus™ probes
• Semi-automatic two-point wafer alignment to reduce set-up time
• Additional axes available for auxiliary control of probing accessories
• Motorized platform for setting upper and lower safety limits for probe cards

| 응용분야

• The Pegasus™ S series wafer probers are specifically designed for production probing and are particularly effective for low volume probing, design verification, failure analysis and for probing packaged components.
• The S200 is especially recommended for probing semiconductors, light-emitting diode (LED) and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). 

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