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DCA-M Optical and Electrical Sampling Oscilloscopes

  • Solutions for 1 through 28 Gb/s
  • Very low noise and jitter
  • Fast sampling rates for high throughput

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N1092A N1092B N1092D
대역폭 9 GHz to 20 GHz 30 GHz
노이즈 플로어 1 μW 5 μW
지원되는 데이터 속도 1 to 11.3 Gb/s Ref Rx 20.6 ~ 28 Gb/s
유형 입력 - 62.5/125 μm
- 싱글 모드
- One optical channel
- 싱글 모드
- Two optical channel
- 싱글 모드
- Four optical channel
어플리케이션 해당 없음 100GBASE-LR4/SR4
운영 체제 Windows 7 Windows 7
등가 시간

| N1090A 옵션

Description Model number
1.244/1.25 Gb/s reference receiver N1090A-140
2.488/2.5 Gb/s reference receiver N1090A-160
3.125 Gb/s reference receiver N1090A-180
8.5 to 11.3 Gb/s reference receivers N1090A-200
8.5 to 10.5 Gb/s reference receivers N1090A-204
20 GHz electrical channel 1090A-EEC
Single instrument rackmount kit N1090A-1CM
Dual instrument (side-by-side) rackmount kit N1090A-1CN
The N1090A can also be converted from one reference receiver option to a different option through a return to factory upgrade: N1090AU-140

| N1092A/B/D 옵션

Description Model number
One optical channel N1092A
Two optical channels N1092B
Four optical channels N1092D
Increase sampling rate from 100 to 250 kSa/s Option FS1
Reduce residual jitter from 400 fs to < 200 fs Option LOJ
Add pattern lock capability Option PLK
Advanced jitter analysis Option 200
Advanced waveform analysis Option 201
Advanced amplitude/noise analysis Option 300
Advanced eye analysis Option 401
Productivity package (Rapid eye, TDEC) Option 500
PAM-N analysis Option 9FP
Infinisim waveform transformation software Option SIM
Single instrument rackmount kit Option 1CM
Dual instrument side-by-side rackmount kit Option 1CN
25.78 Gb/s TDEC filter (100GBASE-SR4) Option 168
100GBASE-SR4) Option 206
Extend optical channel bandwidth to 45 GHz (–3 dBo) and allow creation of reference receiver filters at any data rate from 8 to 42 Gb/s Option IRC

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